Navigating Life

               We all know that sin is out of the question.  When we find ourselves with two choices and one of them is sin, the sinful choice will always be outside of God’s will.  The confusion and dilemmas come at

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Spiritual Vandalism

  “My mother died when I was 11.  She had cancer.  I don’t know…I probably had seven or eight foster homes but they never included me in their Mother’s Day celebrations.”  My heart broke as this man whom I have

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What Killed Abel?

  The first murder of all mankind.  It didn’t take long.  Cain and Abel were part of the first family and so soon did wickedness rise up to take a life as Cain slew his own brother, Abel.  For something

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The God who Sustains Me

I have two people come into my office today, both going through an immensely painful period in their life.  They are overwhelmed with sadness and confusion.  The don’t understand why things have happened to them and why God has allowed

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How to deal with People who don’t like You

Jesus loved perfectly, nevertheless, He was hated, despised, rejected, mocked, beaten, and crucified.  God used this suffering to put Jesus in a place of choice.  He could choose to endure the pain or He could have called ten thousand angels

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Violent Christianity

In a religion of peace, there is one place that God has called Christians to be violent.  Before you stop reading thinking I am some kind of wacko-weird guy, let me splain.  In the book of Matthew, Jesus says, “From

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Dabbling Into Politics for just a moment…

I am rarely on Facebook.  I have apps that let me post to different social media accounts without actually going to any of them.  Every now and then things are brought to my attention that I will go and look

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Fasting Day #14

All Things Are Possible With God Matthew 19:26 This is the underlying essential of prayer. What is the point of praying if we don’t truly believe? Yet, it is very possible to pray without believing. Prayer can be reduced to

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Fasting Day #12

You do not have because you do not ask God (NIV) James 4:2 I have been preaching a series on grace.  Grace is the power of God released in our life that our sins may be forgiven, the our souls

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Fasting Day #11

Why did Jesus pray? This seems like a strange thing that Jesus, who was with God and who is God according to John 1, would need to pray. This is one of the stumbling blocks to the Jehovah Witnesses.  They

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