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Prepare For Greater Things Promo GraphicStruggling in your marriage? Need hope in a dark time?  Asking yourself, “Where is God?”  In Prepare for Greater Things, Pastor Lee restores hope, gives strength, and brings wisdom into your dark place through the power of Scripture and the Holy Spirit.

The Lord has great plans for each and every person.  These plans are revealed to us through the Holy Spirit.  He whispers to us as we journey through the many ups and downs of life.  Understanding God’s perspective and expectation is the key to finding these greater things.

Prepare For Greater Things reveals the principles in Scripture that help us hear the voice of God and see each situation through His eyes that we might follow His good and perfect plan for our life.

Here is what others are saying about Prepare For Greater Things…

Hello, Pastor Lee.I met you and your wife at the Half Price Books on Huebner Road and I bought two books that you signed. I went home and started to read my copy, and I realized that I need at least 10 more of these for some young people who need direction in their lives. I want to give them for Valentine’s Day gifts.
Will you be having any more book signings in the San Antonio area?
Thank you so much!-Lesley

Reading your book enhanced my understanding of God, His plan for Me, and encouraged me to continue to seek his face daily… I have been so blessed by the message in this book.-Kathy

This book is truly a blessing for all ages. Read it as a devotion to my grandchildren and the 10 year old said she’s going to finish reading it. Daughter in law put in on her nook and also reading. May God continue to use this book for His Glory. -Susan

Prepare for Greater Things is an enlightening and honest guide to the Lord’s path for each one of us. New Christian, seasoned follower, or anywhere in between will benefit from the words in these pages.
Using biblical principles, Pastor Lee is able to clear the haze that oftentimes blocks our ability to see the light on the path the Lord has given each of us. You will forget you are reading and instead feel as though you are conversing with the Lord, hearing His heart beat  and receiving gentle, love-filled, but firm and true guidance; that’s how you’ll feel when you finish this book.-Elisha

“The plans that God has for us are wonderful. It’s the journey that is difficult.” Through the blessings of life, the lessons of life, to the fires we all face, Pastor Lee Young compassionately leads us to a better understanding of God’s plan for our lives. Woven back and forth in his book are Abraham’s journey and scriptures from the New Testament paralleling God’s watch care over both Abraham and today’s generation. He gives the reader a deeper understanding of the faithfulness, grace, and love God has always had for His children. The reader can better learn how to see God, wait for God, and have a real relationship with Him while living through life’s experiences, both good and bad. “…it is the journey that changes us, makes us, delivers us, renews and restores us.”-Judy

Enlightening and convicting; The theme throughout this book is one that any and all of us will relate to, as most of us, at one time or another, have faced troubles, insecurities, or life events that just don’t seem fair. Pastor Lee Young offers guidance and hope through these difficult times and through biblical stories and scripture, helps the reader to understand how even the darkest days can be a blessing.-Erin

We loved this book. Lee has great insight into the Word of God. It was a great blessing to us.-Michael

I am in chapter two of your book and it is amazing!! -Thomas


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