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Holiness Revival – Is It Time?

I have been reading this book by JC Ryle.  As I was reading it, the author began to address some issues he felt were prevalent in the church at the time he was writing the book.  When I purchased the

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My Struggle with the Papal Visit

I have really struggled with the recent Papal visit to the United States.  Don’t get me wrong.  I have nothing against Pope Francis.  Many of the things he has said, I agree with and of course, many I have not. 

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Christianity, Homosexuality, and Confusion

As I was driving down the road yesterday listening to talk radio, someone called in saying they were a gay Christian.  Now, before we go too far, let’s be clear on what makes us a Christian.  I become a Christian

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Bruce / Caitlyn Jenner and Gender Dysphoria

To be a Christian does not carry with it this idea that we are perfect. On the contrary, the basic tenet of Christianity is that we are so far from perfect that we need help from an Almighty God to

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The Great Controversy by E.G. White-USE EXTREME CAUTION

Have you received this book in the mail?  I first received a call from a man in our church last week asking about it and another lady this week was asking about it.  It is religious and it is very

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