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How to deal with People who don’t like You

Jesus loved perfectly, nevertheless, He was hated, despised, rejected, mocked, beaten, and crucified.  God used this suffering to put Jesus in a place of choice.  He could choose to endure the pain or He could have called ten thousand angels

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America, the Divided

What has become of America, the Beautiful?  Has it not become America, the Divided? All we hear about is the unrest of different factions and groups that far too often lead to violence as it did this week in Sacramento. 

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God is SOOOO Backward!

The Bible says that God’s ways are higher than ours.  I suppose that is true, but it does not feel like His ways are too high for me to reach, but too backward to understand.  God makes this huge promise

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Many churches I have noticed do not teach tithing. Many preachers would say that tithing is an Old Testament teaching that has been erased by the New Testament. Others say that tithing is still very relevant and should be practiced

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Righteous Anger: Knowing Your Enemy

PASTOR LEE’S BOOK “PREPARE FOR GREATER THINGS” WILL BE RELEASED IN JANUARY!!   I must confess that I have treated those who love me the most and those I love the most as if they are my enemies. I have

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God’s Purpose for Your Anger

I lost it. I was running late, feeling pressure, and he just would not be quiet. It was not that he was misbehaving or being unruly. He was actually just very happy, singing and playing in the back seat. I,

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Do You Really Want to be Blessed?

It seems like a strange thing to ask, doesn’t it?  Of course I want to be blessed.  Who doesn’t want to be blessed?  Bless me now, later, tomorrow, and the next day Lord.  Bless me indeed as Jabez prayed.  But in

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The WAY we do things matter…

The church was on fire!  Great miracles were taking place and the Holy Spirit was moving in the lives of people in extraordinary ways.  The power of God was so strong on the church even the biggest opponent to the

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Christianity, Homosexuality, and Confusion

As I was driving down the road yesterday listening to talk radio, someone called in saying they were a gay Christian.  Now, before we go too far, let’s be clear on what makes us a Christian.  I become a Christian

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50 Shades of Deceit

“Did God really say that you must not eat of the fruit from the tree?  Surely you will not die. He knows that you will then be like Him, knowing good and evil.”  The strangest part of what the serpent

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