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Spiritual Vandalism

  “My mother died when I was 11.  She had cancer.  I don’t know…I probably had seven or eight foster homes but they never included me in their Mother’s Day celebrations.”  My heart broke as this man whom I have

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Is God a Good Parent?

              I was driving to work this morning after just dropping off my 11-year-old son.  The cars in front of his school form a line and one by one the children get out of

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America, the Divided

What has become of America, the Beautiful?  Has it not become America, the Divided? All we hear about is the unrest of different factions and groups that far too often lead to violence as it did this week in Sacramento. 

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Righteous Anger: Knowing Your Enemy

PASTOR LEE’S BOOK “PREPARE FOR GREATER THINGS” WILL BE RELEASED IN JANUARY!!   I must confess that I have treated those who love me the most and those I love the most as if they are my enemies. I have

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God’s Purpose for Your Anger

I lost it. I was running late, feeling pressure, and he just would not be quiet. It was not that he was misbehaving or being unruly. He was actually just very happy, singing and playing in the back seat. I,

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Do You Really Want to be Blessed?

It seems like a strange thing to ask, doesn’t it?  Of course I want to be blessed.  Who doesn’t want to be blessed?  Bless me now, later, tomorrow, and the next day Lord.  Bless me indeed as Jabez prayed.  But in

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The WAY we do things matter…

The church was on fire!  Great miracles were taking place and the Holy Spirit was moving in the lives of people in extraordinary ways.  The power of God was so strong on the church even the biggest opponent to the

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The Unchanging Face of Evil

Evil has many faces. It is a much disputed thing in our current atmosphere of human secularism and changing morality. What was once considered sinful and evil has now become accepted in our culture today. Outside the church, much of

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My Children’s Children

I am amazed sometimes at the state of our world. I watched an interview last night of Traci Johnson. She survived an attack at an Oklahoma food plant where her co-worker was beheaded and the attacker was about to do

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40 Bible Stories Devotion, Day 12: The Story of Rehoboam

The Story of Rehoboam 1Kings 12:1-16 Israel Rebels Against Rehoboam Rehoboam went to Shechem, for all the Israelites had gone there to make him king. When Jeroboam son of Nebat heard this (he was still in Egypt, where he had

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