Fasting Day #12


You do not have because you do not ask God (NIV)
James 4:2

I have been preaching a series on grace.  Grace is the power of God released in our life that our sins may be forgiven, the our souls may be saved.  But it is also the power of God endowing us with gifts according to His grace and grace is the power to use those gifts to do the work of the Lord.  But finally, grace is also His miracles all around us along with His power in us to do the work of the Lord.  Moses understood this.  He understood that God had called him to serve, but He knew that God would honor this service with miracles.  And Moses did something amazing.  He said to God, “Show me your glory.”  He did not ask.  He was so certain that it was within the will of God for God to reveal His glory that he was comfortable telling God this.  Are we so sure of God’s desire to work in our life that we can say, “Show me your glory.”  God is a good Father and He wants to do good things for His children.  He wants to show us His glory.  He wants to show us His power.  He wants to do miracles in our life.  But we must be bold as we approach the throne of grace.

This morning, I don’t want to write a lot, but I want to ask you where do you need to be bold in your prayer life?  Where do you need a miracle today?  What friends do you have that need a miracle or they are going to lose their marriage, lose their job, lose their children, lose their joy.  Be bold.  Name these miracles.  Name these people.  As we go to the Throne of Grace, start being bold in your prayers because God wants to show us His glory!

Pastor Lee is the Lead Pastor at CrossRoads Community Church in San Antonio, Texas. His message focuses on the healing power of Scripture through the power of the Holy Spirit. He is the Father of three awesome sons and he is madly in love with his wife, Amy. And his favorite past time is losing golf balls in the rough while attempting to play a round of golf.

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